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 NACK Network Webinars
The NACK Commitment
The NACK Network offers live webinars, hosted by MATEC NetWorks, to engage and educate those of you that are interested in learning more about nanotechnology related topics.
Webinar Fast Facts:
  • 1 - 2:00 pm E.T.
  • Led by content experts
  • Free to attend
  • Certificate of Attendance on request for professional development credit
  • Archives made available within 2 business days
  • Great for faculty, students, administrators and industry!
 Future Webinar Series
Please check out the PennState Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization website to keep up with future webinars.
 Archived Webinars
Did you miss a webinar? Click a year to access archived webinar recordings, slides, and handouts. top 
Shape-changing micromachines
April 22, 2021
Future of Food and Agriculture from Macro to Nano: Opportunities and Challenges
March 10, 2021
Novel Two-dimensional (2D) Materials and Devices for Biomimetic Sensing and Computing
January 28, 2021
Hands On(line) Lab Education with Remote SEM
November 10, 2020
Luminescent Nanoparticles of Metal Oxides
May 14, 2020
Nanoengineering Cellulose for Environmental and Biomedical Applications
April 16, 2020
Multi Responsive Nanogels for Biosensing, Drug Delivery, and Regenerative Medicine
February 20, 2020
Integrated Nanophotonics: The Transition to High-Volume Manufacturing and Implications for Workforce Education
October 17, 2019
Capturing Movies of Molecules Using Ultrafast X-rays
March 29, 2019
Strategies to Build Enrollments in Your Nanotechnology and STEM Programs
February 28, 2019
Neural Interfaces: Nanoscience, and Materials Technology
January 31, 2019
Identifying nanobiotechnology-based solutions for opportunities in personalized healthcare
November 15, 2018
Protein Engineered Nano Materials
March 23, 2018
Characterization and Fabrication Techniques for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research
February 22, 2018
Understanding the Biological Machinery by Cryogenic TEM Imaging and Structure Determination
January 26, 2018
Advances in Transmission Electron Microscopy
April 21, 2017
NANSLO Remote Web-Based Science Labs: Real Science in Real Time
February 17, 2017
"Where is my flying car? - Or what thermodynamics can and cannot tell us about the future of solar"
October 21, 2016
The National Nanotechnology Initiative with a Focus on Resources for Educators
September 16, 2016
Self-Powered Wearable Devices for Monitoring Personal Health
June 13, 2016
Occurrence, Removal and Regulation of Nanomaterials in Food, Industrial Processing and Consumer Products: and Fate at Publicly Owned Sewage Treatment Works
May 26, 2016
Graphene and Other 2D Electronic Systems
June 17, 2015
Self-Assembled Monolayers
June 11, 2015
Nanotechnology, Energy, and Energy Storage
April 10, 2015
Nanotechnology in Electronics Technology Associate Degree
January 30, 2015
Nanotechnology in Consumer Products
October 31, 2014
May 15, 2014
Challenges Facing Nano Education Programs
April 25, 2014
RET Experience: Activities for the HS Classroom
March 28, 2014
K-12 Resources in Nanotechnology
January 31, 2014
Nanotechnology: Needs, Risks, and Opportunities
November 1, 2013
Fundamentals of Metrology and Characterization for Nano
September 27, 2013
(Three part series) Trends in Nano: Careers and Workforce Needs
May 16, 2013
The National Nano Alumni Network Presents: LinkedIn Profile Essentials: Building Your Professional Network
May 9, 2013
Successful Models for Nano Outreach
April 26, 2013
(Three part series) Trends in Nano: Program Development
March 22, 2013
Nanotechnology Demos and Simulations
February 22, 2013
(Three part series) Trends in Nanoelectronics: Microchips and More
January 25, 2013
Societal Dimensions of Responsible Innovation for Nanotechnology
December 14, 2012
Remote Access – Integrating High Tech Tools Into Your Classroom
September 28, 2012
How Safe is Nanotechnology in Our Lives?
May 24, 2012
Nanotechnology and Materials
April 26, 2012
How is Nanotechnology Changing the Electronics Industry?
February 24, 2012
Ways of Introducing Nanotechnology Into Your Program
January 27, 2012
Tech Intersection: Understanding the Bio and Nano Link
November 3, 2011
World of Nanotechnology: Introduction to Nanotechnology
September 30, 2011
Recruiting Underrepresented Minorities
May 26, 2011
Nanotechnology in Medicine
April 29, 2011
Nanotech Works – Alumni Success Stories
March 25, 2011
Intro to Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up
February 25, 2011
Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology
November 19, 2010
Building a NanoLab: Equipment and Program Overview
October 15, 2010
Nano Applications in Today's World
September 24, 2010
Nanotechnology: Applications in Food
June 24, 2010
Nanotechnology: Applications in Energy
May 27, 2010
Recruitment for Nanotechnology Enrollment
March 26, 2010
Remote Access to Nano-Characterization Tools
February 26, 2010
Introduction to Nano-Characterization
January 22, 2010
Nanotechnology in the Classroom Laboratory
November 13, 2009
Ways of Introducing Nano into Your Program
March 6, 2009
Intro to Nano
February 27, 2009 | Footer
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