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  • Diversify the way you market yourself, whether it's online at job boards, or at social network sites like Twitter or LinkedIn; or offline at job fairs, networking events in your field, or spreading the word to friends. The more ways in which you get the word out that you're looking, the more potential jobs you'll hear about.
  • Put positive and branded professional content under your name and Google yourself every day.
  • The karma of the job search says, "What goes around, comes around." If you want to receive something, first you must give something. Freely give your time and talent to others. Give without expectation of getting anything back.
  • Target your job search and your resume to your specific occupational goals.
  • What impression does your email address give to an employer? vs.
  • Have multiple people review your job search correspondence. You may have spelled a word correctly, but it was not the word you had wanted to use, for example meat vs. meet.
  • Use your network to try and get inside information for future openings or current openings. Of course, if you have a LinkedIn profile you will want to ensure your profile is up-to-date and is robust, fully completed, and full of industry keywords that draw attention to your skills and accomplishments. Highlight areas where you can provide added value if you were to be hired.
  • While there may be times when the job search will leave you feeling frustrated, don't ever give in to negative feelings or let them derail you from your professional goals! When you're feeling down spend time with a friend or family member who has a positive outlook. The key is to be with someone who is going to reinforce your efforts and give you encouragement and suggestions. This is not the time to be around people who complain or who have a negative outlook.
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  • Dedicate your time to building and maintaining relationships. Most people get their jobs through networking rather than formal job postings.
  • Instructors, department staff, and your college's career services office are all great resources for job leads.
  • Join a professional association. This is a terrific place to network with colleagues and learn about potential job openings. Members may also have access to a listserv with job leads.
  • Stay connected with other Nanoscience alumni. Our LinkedIn groups have been designed for this purpose. Your college may also have alumni gatherings or resources.
  • When searching online, use keywords that match the job title and where you want to work.
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Meet with a Career Services Specialist from your college who can discuss job search techniques and the steps to successful networking with you.

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