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 UPR Workshop for Educators
The Workshop "Educating the Nanotechnology Workforce: What is Nano and Where are the Jobs?", offered on November 20th, 2013, at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao, had the participation of members of Community and Technical Colleges around the island, and several University of Puerto Rico Campuses. This professional development activity, hosted by the Department of Physics and Electronics, had 44 participants including... read more
 Workshop Outcomes
Questions? Contact:
Marlene Bazan, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao
Phone: 787-850-0000
ext. 9798
What is Nano, Why it is Important, and How we Prepare for Jobs
Osama Awadelkarim
(Penn State University)
An Overview of Alternative Models for Educating a Nanotechnology Workforce
Dr. Stephen J. Fonash
(Penn State University)
Building a Nanotechnology Program Using NACK's Resources
Sam Agdasi
(Ivytech Community College of Indiana)
Resources for Learning and Teaching Nano
Michael Lesiecki and
Xaxiri Yamane
(Maricopa Community College District)
UPR Current Activities and the Vision for PR
Luis Gabriel Rosa and
(University of Puerto Rico at Humacao)
Esteban Fachini
(University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras)
Industry Surveys and National Skill Standards for Advancing Nanotechnology Education – A Status Update
Raymond Tsui
(Arizona State University)
Integrating Alumni in the Workplace
Karen Halvorson
(Dakota County Technical College)
Exploring Collaboration Opportunities
Osama Awadelkarim and
Robert Ehrmann
(Penn State University) | Footer
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