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 Who Are We?
The Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network is the NSF National ATE Center for Nanotechnology Workforce Development. Through resource sharing, providing course materials, and stressing broad student preparation, we will help create and sustain economically viable nanotechnology education across the U.S.
The mission of NACK is to enable Nanotechnology
Education at:
  • 2-year Community and
    Technical Colleges

  • 4-year Universities and Colleges in Partnership with Community and Technical Colleges

  • Develop a workforce for existing and emerging micro- and nanotechnology-based US industries

  • Bring the high-paying jobs of micro- and nanotechnology to Americans

  • Encourage the use of nanotechnology by industry

  • Create a nanotechnology-knowledgeable citizenry

  • Provide leadership in national coordination/resource sharing for micro- and nanofabrication workforce programs

  • Partnerships in nanotechnology education
    are built among Research Universities, 2-year Community and Technical Colleges, and 4-year Colleges/Universities through resource sharing (course, programs, laboratory, facilities, staff) and through
    2 + 2 programs
    for students.

  • Students are educated for careers in a spectrum of industries by providing them with
    a nanotechnology knowledge base which can be used in many types of applications and companies.

  • Broad nanotechnology education (21st century material science
    and engineering) is delivered to students which these students/
    employees can then build upon throughout their professional careers.

  • 2-year Community and Technical Colleges in every region of the U.S. have the means to access this broad nanotechnology education in synthesis, fabrication, characterization,
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Funded, in part, by a grant from the National Science Foundation.
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