Remote Access Mission
NACK’s network of remotely accessible scientific equipment lowers the barrier-to-entry and enables instructors to deliver authentic and relevant educational activities for students interested in learning about nanotechnology and other STEM fields. The RAIN program engages the next generation STEM workforce (technicians, technologists, engineers, educators and scientists) in their day-to-day classrooms with a connection to experts and tools in labs at institutions where cutting-edge research is being performed. The need for this program is particularly the case for under represented and minority learners, and institutions that can’t provide ready access to specialized facilities, tools, and expertise required for the study of nanoscale science, which is why most centers (e.g. Penn State, CNEU) offer this service free of charge.

The following sections will give you a better idea of what are remotely accessible instruments, how to acquire access to instruments remotely, and what lessons can be enhanced using remote instruments.